The city that knows how to charm its visitors, the daughter of Thermaikos, the second capital of the country and the capital of the beauty.
An historical city who lived wars, dominations, kings, leaving to our days a precious heritage and monuments proving the shine of its history.

The White Tower, Genti Koule, Roman Market, Rotonta, Kamara, the Galerian comple,

the Byzantine churches (St Demetrios, Hagia Sofia, Panagia Halkeon, Monastery Vlatadon, Saint Apostles,  Osios David, Aheiropoiitos),

the baths (Bei Hamam, Giahounti Hamam, Geni Hamam)

the mosques (Alatza Imaret, Hamza Bei Tzami, Geni Tzami)

the markets (Bezesteni, Louloudadika),

the museums who keep the moments and the precious objects of the city
(National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Byzantine Culture , Railroad Museum , Jewish Museum , Science Center and Technology Museum , Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Ataturk),

the  famous squares of Aristotelous, Eleutherias, and Navarino,

the New coast, Villa Bianca, the small Palace, the Harbour, the neighborhoods to Ano Poli, the Fair, the famous tastes, entertainment, and the its residents- always friendly!

Touring and shopping are the musts for each visitor, when it offers a beauty face for all year’s seasons.

The International Airport MAKEDONIA is being connected with the most of international destinations and abstains 14km from the city.

40ο 31 11″ North, 22ο 58 15,3″  East.

Tel:+30 2310 985000
Fax: +30 2310 47555