Ierissos, Shipyard

The famous shipyards, from the last left in Greece, with the ship builders, who cntinue the tradition of their ancestors with faith and love. The port fills with colours and art, hulls built with wood from Mount Athos, attract visitors from all over Greece.

Ierissos, Ancient Acanthos

The ancient city which dates back from 655 B.C, a remarkable port and then too, which was trading and carrying the products of the region, giving to the city power and prestige, cutting also its own coins, such as this with lion killing the bull (530B.C). Ancient Acanthos extends approximately 600m from the today’s settlement of Ierissos and is under excavation stage. Until nowadays are being revealed great findings such as a part of Acropolis, part of the walls, and lots of other. In the same cite there is a ruined Byzantine church and two others- post Byzantine ones. The hill where the ancient city is located offers a magnificent view to the port of Ierissos and the Acanthios Gulf.

Ouranoupoli, Moni Zigou

Or else Fragokastro, the ruins of a great Athonite monastery, located only 40m from the borders of Mount Athos, to Ouranoupoli, and therefore visitable from women as well. It was one of the most important monasteries and was built during the 11th AD century. The excavations, which are still on progress, have revealed a stunning piece to visit of a Byzantine monastery, famous and rare findings including parts of the temple, parts of great architecture, mosaic floors, marbles and others.

Ouranoupoli, Tower of Prosforio

The Byzantine Tower of Ouranoupoli, the best preserved one in Halkidiki, since it became shelter until the later years of its existence.The date of its creation seems to defined around 1344, still there are signs of its earlier existence.
Former metohi of Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, Mount Athos, hosted the first refugees who arrived from Minor Asia, when in 1928 settled in the pair Loch (Australian and British origin), who more than 50 years took care of the Tower and al the residents of Ouranoupoli.
Nowadays the preservation of the Tower has passed to the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquites. Visiting its interior impress all its guests with the rare exhibits and the objects of its fairy past.

Stageira, Park of Aristoteles

The park where lots of years now stands imperiously the statue of ancient philosopher Aristoteles. Today the visitors may find also among others interactive games, with educational and recreational purposes, explaining nature phenomena, on which Aristoteles analysed and reported his studies. Some of these are the compass, the sundial, lens, optical discs, water turbine, parabolic mirrors, telescope and more others.
In the park there is also the house of Aga, public baths, and towers which date back to the times of Sidirokausia (9th century)

Olympiada, Ancient Stageira

The ancient city which gave birth to the great ancient philosopher Aristoteles, leaving to this region of Halkidiki e huge part of his heritage, his presence, his work and his aura. Ancient Stageira is located 700m from the current settlement of Olympiada, on a hill whose view gives the feeling that someone flies over the deep blue of the sea. The ancient site is being revealed through the walk among the ancient walls, the acropolis, the Hellenistic houses, the water supply system and other.
The city in under excavation but visits are allowed.